X-ray devices


Номер: 190749

Страна: Норвегия

Источник: TED



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Дата публикации



  1. Section I
    1. Name and addresses
      Oslo universitetssykehus HF
      Postboks 4950 Nydalen
      Telephone: +47 23071580
      E-mail: mtu-anbud@ous-hf.no
      NUTS code: NO
    2. Type of the contracting authority:
      National or federal agency/office
    3. Main activity:
  2. Section II
    1. Scope of the procurement:
      1. Title:

        74286 G arm to the Orthopaedic department Ullevål hospital — New publication.

      2. Main CPV code:
        33111000, 33100000, 33111000
      3. Type of contract:
      4. Short description:

        G arm to the Orthopaedic department Ullevål hospital.

      5. Information about lots:
        This contract is divided into lots: no
      6. Total value of the procurement:
        Value excluding VAT: 2 374 286.00 NOK
    2. Description
      1. Title:
      2. Additional CPV code(s):
        33100000, 33111000
      3. Place of performance:
        NUTS code: NO
      4. Description of the procurement:

        The procurement of a new G arm.

      5. Award criteria:
        Quality criterion - Name: Functionality / Weighting: 50
        Price - Weighting: 30
      6. Information about options:
        Options: no
      7. Information about European Union funds:
        The procurement is related to a project and/or programme financed by European Union funds: no
      8. Additional information:
  3. Section IV
    1. Description:
      1. Type of procedure:
        Open procedure
      2. Information about a framework agreement or a dynamic purchasing system:
      3. Information about electronic auction:
      4. Information about the Government Procurement Agreement (GPA):
        The procurement is covered by the Government Procurement Agreement: yes
    2. Administrative information:
      1. Previous publication concerning this procedure:
        Notice number in the OJ S: 2016/S 172-310360
      2. Information about termination of dynamic purchasing system:
      3. Information about termination of call for competition in the form of a prior information notice:
  4. Section V
    1. Title:

      74286 US C the Orthopaedic department G arm

    2. Award of contract
      1. Date of conclusion of the contract: 2017-01-26
      2. Information about tenders:
        Number of tenders received: 2
        The contract has been awarded to a group of economic operators: no
      3. Name and address of the contractor:
        NUTS code: NO
        The contractor is an SME: no
      4. Information on value of the contract/lot (excluding VAT):

        Total value of the contract/lot: 2 374 800.00 NOK
      5. Information about subcontracting:

  5. Section VI
    1. Additional information
    2. Procedures for review
      1. Review body
        Oslo Universitettssykehus HF
      2. Body responsible for mediation procedures

      3. Service from which information about the review procedure may be obtained

    3. Date of dispatch of this notice